Valued Healthscreen Client;

In the last few months, the acquisition of Healthscreen Software division by QHR Technologies  Inc. through our Ontario subsidiary, has been underway and as of October 13th, is complete.

Even though Healthscreen's Software division has been acquired by QHR, you will be able to continue to use the current HS product you are using.  You do not have to move off any  HS product. This means that clinics using the Healthscreen software may continue to  do so, supported by the same (and soon expanded) team that they have known. We have no plans to discontinue support of Healthscreen users, and will commit at minimum, to support to the year 2015. Your client support number will stay the same.

QHR Technologies Inc., our parent company, has acquired 12 companies or product offerings over the last eight years and has achieved a very high retention of the acquired clients while helping them make a smooth transition through the acquisition process.  Today, Optimed Software Corporation is Canada's largest Healthcare IT software provider serving over 9,000 physicians across the country.

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